girl pole dancing

Health Gains Linked to Pole Dancing

Pole dancing was initially considered a preserve of those women you find at entertainment joints. Things have since changed, and pole dancing is gradually becoming a popular fitness trend. Yo

pole dancingSculpt Every Muscle

While on the pole, you will be continually fighting gravity. This implies that you have to do some work to stay on the pole. By engaging your muscles often and in a different way, you can sculpt them as well. In fact, if you have ever tried dancing in the pole and lifting some weight, you can attest to the fact that pole dancing is more challenging than most of those routine gym workouts.

Good For The Heart

For those that have tried pole dancing, there understand that pole dancing does a lot more than sculpting muscles. Pole dancing can get your heart running. By continually twisting and turning, you are bound to fire up your metabolism rate. As the heart tries to supply more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, it is forced to work more.

Helps you Bun Fat

Another reason to try pole dancing is that it helps you burn excess fat. This is attributed to the fact that pole dancing is a combination of both resistance training and cardio workouts. This implies that it is quite effective and you will start seeing results as soon as you jump on the pole and start excessing.

Helps You De-Stress

no stress After a busy day at work, there is no better way to unwind than to go for some pole dancing sessions. Well, you might spend some light moments with some friends as you try to clear the clutter in your brain, but working out and at the same releasing those stresses. After pole dancing, you feel instant relief as your worries melt away and are replaced by feel-good endorphins.

Pole dancing is more than just some lewd dancing acts. It is an excellent way to build your stamina, workout your heart, and at the same time help you away with stress. So what are you waiting for? Give pole dancing a try and start your journey to lasting wellness.