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Facts To Know About Cerebral Palsy

Medical findings reveal that millions are suffering from neurological concerns all over the world. This explains why even individuals that are not affected by such disabilities should have an interest in this subject. Cerebral palsy is an exceptional condition that impairs and individual’s ability to control muscular movements. According to cerebral palsy news articles, this condition is classified as non-progressive or chronic depending on the nature of symptoms observed. With these variations, some people that can lead “normal lives”, with others entirely depending on others.

Untold Facts


Inability to coordinate muscular movements is certainly a primary symptom. Before it gets to the extreme, there are some warning signs that every parent or guardian should know. This could be, anomalies in muscle toning, failure to reach some development milestones like crawling, early hand preferences or abnormal reflexes.

Causes of Cerebral Palsy

What forces are behind the occurrence of this condition? Essentially, there are three primary reasons behind the occurrence of this condition. First, this could because of abnormal brain development. Secondly, this condition might be linked to brain injuries that affect the lobe that controls body movements. Thirdly, this condition might be caused by injuries during childbirth.

Congenital issues

These are problems that occur during brain development while a child is in the womb. These issues might affect a brain development during the early months of pregnancy or later on. This could be because of excessive bleeding in the brain, fetal stroke or anomalies in oxygen supply in the brain during labor and delivery.

Physical Injuries

After the age of three, the chances of suffering from cerebral palsy are very slim. However, certain factors can cause this condition when you least expect it. This could be a traumatic experience or severe brain ailments like meningitis.

Child Birth Issues

For a long time, this has been the leading cause of cerebral palsy conditions. In most instances, it could be out of the medical practitioner’s incompetence of negligence during the childbearing process.

What can you do?

aSdcaSDcfaefcInfants and adults suffering from cerebral palsy might require professional care for either a short time or their entire lifetime. This means they should be provided with speech, physical, and other therapeutic treatments. In exceptional instances, they might also require surgical treatment to treat these anomalies.

If you are convinced that medical negligence caused this condition, you are entitled to compensation for medical expenses, pain, loss of income and emotional distress. You can also consider filing for damages.