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AirFloss Verses Waterpik Explained

You have heard a lot being said about these two electric flossing tools; AirFloss and Waterpik. The two are quite popular and choosing which one to go for can be quite confusing for many people. If you want to promote healthy oral and dental hygiene as well, to help shed some light on the two methods, here is Airfloss and Waterpik comparison. We will try to take a quick look at pros and cons of each one of them and we do hope, at the end of it all, you will be able to make a decision.

1. AirFloss

AirFloss is one of the latest entries and it is amazing how people are now going for it.


Extremely easy to use

wwxcczzzcOne of the biggest reasons most people opt for AirFloss method is because it is extremely easy to use. Once the gadget is in place, you simply click for the blast of air to do its work

Less messy

Compared to the Waterpik, AirFloss is less messy. Waterpik can end up leaking water if you don’t hold correctly, or is improperly fitted.


AirFloss is cordless and often comes equipped with rechargeable batteries. Looking at that, we could say this is a real benefit for people who are looking for something portable.

Takes up less space

If you are running out of space in your bathroom, AirFloss is definitely what you should be going for next. It is the size of an electric toothbrush and you can easily store it away.


Despite all that has been said, AirFloss has its own share of disadvantages. It is quite expensive and is said to be less effective compared to Waterpik

2. Waterpik

Waterpik have been around for a considerable length of time. Here is a quick look at its pros and cons.


Most Effective

Most people prefer Waterpik because it is more effective. Based on a number of studies that have been done, the Waterpik is quite effective when it comes to removing plague. Moreover; many people have reported that the Waterpik dislodges more large food particles than the Air Floss.

Less expensive

jhhjhjhjIf you are looking for the best tooth flossing tools, but you are ready to dig dipper into your pocket, the Waterpik is all you need. Waterpik have been in the industry for a considerable length of time and tend to be much cheaper than the newer Air flossers.


Just like AirFloss, Waterpik does come with some issues. First, it can get really messy. Second, it takes up a lot of space in the bathroom.